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Welcome to Volunteering Love!

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Welcome to Volunteering Love: Your safe, affordable, and charitable way of volunteering! When you volunteer with Volunteering Love you are helping our orphanage (Alice in Wonderland) and our orphanages to come… continues to run. Please take a look at our exciting and unique programs fit to your personality and style and… FEEL GOOD ABOUT VOLUNTEERING!



In the last ten years India has had one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This acceleration in economic growth has been great for India’s vast population, but unfortunately many have been left behind. India currently has the world’s largest population of homeless children with estimates to be around 18 million. Whatever the true number may be, I think we can agree that one child left behind is just one too many.

To combat this atrocity Planting Peace has joined forces with Volunteering Love to open homes for India’s forgotten children. We provide these children with love, food, shelter, education, health care and everyday necessities. We give the children a chance at living a meaningful life. Our goal is not only to provide a home, but also to teach empowerment to these beautiful children so they will have the skills and opportunity to reach their full potential in life. These homes are made possible because of our volunteers.

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